About EW

We’re English majors.

We’re sick of hearing the question,

“Oh, you’re studying English? So you want to teach, right?”

We’re sick of grammatical mistakes on posters.

We’re sick movie renditions being compared favorably to the book.

We’re sick of nights spent awake, wondering where our education will lead.

So, we decided to visit the other side.

The students of English Works talked to Fredonia State English graduates.

We asked the tough questions; we heard their stories; we wrote their stories.

We’ve talked to some who have ended up as professors and researchers,

but also others who have left academia and traveled around the world,

learning, planning, networking,

getting paid to write!

We’re here to tell their story,

and we’re here to address the question:

“Well what you want to do with an English degree?”

We’re here to help you confidently answer,

“I want to write.”


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